Our Story

In 1992, California-based American Hi Definition (AHD) was founded by two partners, Erez Ram and Ady Gil, industry professionals who saw a unique need for high-quality, large-screen video projection displays for the entertainment industry. With this foresight came a commitment to provide the latest technology and engineering dedication with the ultimate in theater-scale projection displays.

To enable this vision, AHD acquired large-screen projection technology from General Electric and became the sole U.S. West Coast provider of the 3LV Light Valve projectors which quickly became the technology-of-choice for the demanding broadcast industry. To increase the company's capabilities, AHD added Barco large-screen LCD projectors to its roster of solution-oriented services.

Continuing this pattern of pushing the technological boundaries, in 1996 AHD signed an agreement with The Rank Organization to become the first company worldwide to acquire and use Digital Micro Mirror( DMD) and Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology developed by Texas Instruments and Rank's Digital Projection, Inc.

In 2001, AHD was the first to acquire DLP Digital Cinema projectors and the first company to offer DLP Cinema projectors for movie preview and research screening. Today, with our large inventory of DLP Digital Cinema projectors, AHD is uniquely positioned in the digital presentation niche market for movie premiers and preview screenings.

Sister company Digital Productions Inc. (SVP) was formed In 1997 to complement AHD's display operations by providing digital mobile production capabilities. The company currently operates 5 mobile production trucks (three Digital/HDTV and one SDTV) and 6 digital Flypack systems while also designing, building and installing full-scale production facilities for permanent TV show installations. SVP's dedicated engineering staff, coupled with the most advanced equipment available, has earned the respect of Hollywood's leading production companies.