Corporate Events Credits (Partial List)

Corporate Events
ABC Affiliates Meetings
NBC Affiliates Meetings
CBS Affiliates Meetings
FOX Affiliates Meetings
UPN Affiliates Meetings
Warner Brothers Stock Holder Meetings
Monitor Awards
Pacific Bell: Cinema of the Future
Teamsters MTG (2001)
United Negro College Fund (2000)
National Association of Broadcasters (1995)

Live Entertainment
Netaid (Giant Stadium)
Band Of Brothers Premiere (2001)
Warner Brothers: Bugs Bunny on
Broadway, Hollywood Bowl
Billy Crystal, Universal Amphitheater
Robin Williams, Universal Amphitheater
Fire and Ice Ball
Comic Relief I, II, III, V,
and VI, VII

Corporate Installations
Lockheed, Inc.
Rockwell, Inc.
Microsoft, Inc.
Blue Cross, Inc.
Rio Hotel Casino
MGM Grand
Caesar's Palace