Where we do our best work

We knew we wanted our new offices to be a place where we could look forward to coming to work each day - and they are.

When you enter the building from our gated parking area, you are greeted by a modern and open lobby space and welcomed by our professional and friendly receptionist who sits across from our conference room.

Our technology museum - the place where some of our best workhorse gear go when decommissioned - is just beyond the lobby. Here our first GE Light Valve projector is forever honored in its glass display case.

Our deluxe kitchen facility is to the left and just beyond that on the right is our state-of-the-art screening room.

The sound of burbling water can be heard coming from the custom water-feature sculpture which sits in the center of our suite of offices. This is where AHD's Administrative, Executive and Senior Advisors work to ensure the delivery of unparalleled-quality service to its clients.