The American Hi Definition Theater

Technical Information & Specifications
Offering state-of-the-art acoustics, the American Hi Definition Theater features the finest in sound and projection technology and can accommodate all Digital Cinema, HDTV and SDTV video standards with DCI compliant projectors and servers.

This private screening facility is designed to provide the ideal environment for industry professionals to screen their films. With carefully designed sight lines and comfortable seating it is ideal for screenings, previews, and special events.

Reception and Cocktail area with state-of-the-art kitchen on site.

Seating capacity: 44

Screen Size: 26' x 16' with fully variable masking.
Screen Material: Stewart Snow matte Seamless Screen 16'h x 26'w
with unity gain of 1.0.

THX-approved JBL series 5 speaker system. Dolby 5.1 and 7.1 Digital Surround with CP650 processor and DMA 8
All Dolby analog and digital formats for film and video, including: Dolby SRD, Surround EX, Dolby E, Dolby Digital.

NEC NC800 DLP Cinema "2K" projector 2048 x1080.
Christie Digital CP2000XB DLP Cinema "2K" projector 2048 x1080 with Dolby 3D or Real D, 3D capability.

Media Servers:
Dolby DSP100 Show Player with DSS 100 Show Store (JPEG2000, MPEG2, DCI compliant)
QuVIS Cinema player w/3 D capability (JPEG2000, QPE, DCI compliant)
QuVIS Acuity: DCP and 3D real-time mastering recorder/player (JPEG2000, QPE, DCI compliant)

High Definition Decks:
HD-CAM SR Sony High definition: SRW5800
Panasonic HD-D5 High definition: HD3700
Blu-Ray and HD DVD Players
Digital Betacam/BetacamSP