Erez Ram - Principal

With his partner Ady Gil, AHD co-founder Erez Ram once did everything from delivering and setting-up equipment, operating the gear during the event and then would strike it, cart it back to the shop and even do any necessary repairs - and this after the arduous task of getting the job in the first place.

Long gone are the days of the proverbial "started-in-the-garage" company that Erez helped to found in 1992. AHD has since become one of Hollywood's leading digital cinema solution providers.

Erez describes his role today as one that begins with digging deep to understand the client's needs and artistic vision, and then bringing them to life by guiding the project from concept to execution.

An avid private pilot as well as ocean diver who's explored the waters of the Red Sea, Great Barrier Reef and the Maldives among others, these passions are exceeded only by his devotion to family and working with American Hi Definition's valued clients.

Erez Ram, Co-founder of American Hi Definition